Thursday, June 18, 2015

A special Find

One of our Beach Angels "Taylor" had a rare find while on Captiva this year.  She found an Imperial Venus shell!  Thanks to "Shellady" for confirming the find.
                  "Taylor" A.K.A Beach Angel 

                                    Imperial Venus 2015

You might remember the story I told you all awhile back about Taylor's fascination at a younge age with collecting rocks.  To most of us just plain old rocks.  She would collect them from around my Koi pond, NaNa's garden or sometimes maybe in the middle of a gravel parking lot. 

                                                                PaPa's Koi pond

She of course turned her attention to shells as soon as we began taking her to Captiva.  Even now though she won't pass up a good  rock if she sees one.  Taylor's first shells on Captiva were usually broken or had holes in them, far from perfect specimens. While most of us would have smiled and most likely tossed them back in the ocean Taylor saw the beauty and collected them anyway.

Shells are alot like people we all have our flaws and most of us are far from perfect.  The beauty found for each of us comes from the perspective of the person making the find.  Every now and then we are surprised and blessed with a rare find.

The shoreline of Sanibel and Captiva are loaded with alot of shells with many choices to make.  By comparison the world around us also provides us with many choices. Finding that rare shell or person is not always easy.  Where you may pass it by the next person will pause find the beauty in it and collect it.

Like all proud grandparents I look at all my Beach Angels as rare finds.  Far from perfect but beauties to me. Truly something that NaNa and I both cherish.

I had a rare find myself last year with a Lion's Paw and a piece of a Junonia.  Taylor's find this year with the Imperial Venus just makes the week  even more special.  We will have to get a special box so Taylor can keep her special find safe.  You always want to protect a rare find!  I don't consider myself a hard core sheller.  I know people that put in much more time and effort than me when it comes to finding shells. Like a moth to a porch light I'm drawn to the ocean and automatically go into a search mode when this special place is within reach.

                                   Last years find Lion's Paw and piece of Junonia

I took an extra week off this week and the Beach Angels are at our house during the summer vacation during the day while their Mom is at work.  Taylor was excited and proud to learn about her find this morning.

I also wanted to share a picture of something on my kitchen counter this morning.  You guessed it a rock.  Picked up in the driveway by you guessed it Taylor.  The picture doesn't do it justice this one sparkles when the light hits it right.  Just like Taylor!

Hard to see in the picture but lots of sparkles in this specimen. 

Two years in a row with a unique find makes the anticipation of our next visit that much more exciting.

So remember take the time to cherish those rare finds in your life whether they be a rock, a shell or that special person in your life.

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Shelllady said...

Such a WONDERFUL Post RC!!!! You are so right!! I had forgotten also, that this world is so different through the eyes of a child, I realized that when I had my baby girl, and now see it with my Grandbaby boy....we should all remember that, and spend the time looking and enjoying....and slowing down! Thank you so much for sharing your trip! Are you safely home now?